Alec Baldwin accidentally kills the cinematographer

Hollywood star Alec Baldwin accidentally kills the cinematographer. The 63-year-old professional actor shot the cinematographer with a pistol during the filming of Rust. An ambulance immediately took the director named Halyna Hutchins to the hospital. But despite all the interventions, she lost her life. Alec Baldwin could not hold back his tears in front of the police station. The famous actor expressed that he is very sorry for this situation.

Alec Baldwin accidentally kills the cinematographer

The crew was continuing filming Rust in New Mexico. There was a big accident during filming. The 63-year-old famous actor shot Halyna Hutchins because of bullets from a blank pistol. Directing the screenplay The bullets that hit Joel Souza, fortunately, only injured Souza. Hutchins passed away. The police then surrounded the set and cordoned off. Alec Baldwin, who accidentally killed the director of the vision, was taken to the police station by the police. The famous actor burst into tears in front of the police station.

One person died in the incident and another person survived with injuries. Hutchins, 42, died during the accident. They took 48-year-old Joel Souza, who was with him, to the hospital with injuries. The crew also thinks it was an accident. Police launched an investigation into the incident. Investigations are still ongoing on the set. Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin testifies at the police station. Fans of the famous actor show their support for him on Twitter and social media. There are many rumors that Baldwin is innocent. The crew and Baldwin’s spokesperson also said they thought it was an accident.

The famous actor experienced great sadness

Alec Baldwin burst into tears at the police station. He expressed through tears how sorry he was for the accident he caused. Alec Baldwin, who accidentally killed the cinematographer, is currently testifying at the police station. No one has yet made a statement on the matter. While some of his fans were convinced that Baldwin was innocent, others wanted the incident to be investigated. A spokesperson for Alec Baldwin spoke after the incident. He stated that the incident occurred when Baldwin kicked an empty propeller gun lying on the set. After Baldwin kicked the gun, the bullets from the gun hit the cinematographer and the screenwriter.

The shooting of the Rust movie has stopped at the moment. The investigation is still ongoing about the incident. The police did not make any official statement. But the majority opinion is that Alec is innocent. This unfortunate accident went down in the history of cinema.