Aew Dynamite Grades, Matches, And Results

AEW Dynamite is a professional wrestling show that continues to broadcast on TNT. It stands for All Elite Wrestling. There are many professional wrestlers in this wrestling show, which lasts about two hours. Wrestlers are either the best or the worst according to their AEW Dynamite grades.

Aew Dynamite Grades

So what are the wrestlers’ AEW Dynamite grades? CM Punk is one of the best-ranked wrestlers in Dynamite. The intense rivalry between his arch-rival MJF has finally come to an end. The grade of last week’s Cole and Cassidy match is definitely A. The match in which Cole beat Cassidy was breathtaking.

Tensions arose between AEW world champion Adam Page and MJF, where we watched a C-level show. Adam Page made threats to his opponents. MJF intimidated and provoked its own opponents. After all this, the date of the Adam Page and Danielson II match was announced.

The match, which was at the C+ level in AEW Dynamite grades, was between Wardlow and Dean. There were many events in the match where Wardlow beat Dean. As a result of this match, the rivalry between Wardlow and MJF seems to increase even more. Wardlow proved that he is one of AEW’s strongest candidates.

Aew Dynamite Results Grades
Aew Dynamite Results Grades

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TBS Championship Grades

After Dynamites, the semi-finals of the TBS championship are also breathtaking. One of the first matches played was between Ruby Soho and Nyla Rose. Riott was the winner of this semi-final match. Riott, who beat Rose, didn’t perform very well but was a B-level competitor.

In the second semi-final match, the eyes turned to Riott’s performance. Riott, who is still one of the biggest contenders for the championship, stands among the names that will win the belt with his seniority. It looks like all eyes will be on Riott in the second semi-final game.

Holiday Bash Matches

Another C-level match is between Griff Garrison and Malakai Black. Malakai Black has a pretty good profile so far. He had smashed Black Pillman Jr. in the ring and had a decisive win. One of the biggest candidates for the championship will undoubtedly be Malakai Black.

The biggest of the AEW Dynamite encounters was against CM Punk, Darby Allin, Sting trio MJF, and FTR. It was a full A-level match according to Aew Dynamite grades. Punk, Sting, and Allin defeated MJF and FTR. CM Punk was on the rise again in the game with high viewing pleasure.