US Police Releases Footage Of Shooting And Killing 13-Year-Old Boy

They shared a video of 13-year-old Adam Toledo in the state of Illinois, USA. This is how the police shot 13-year-old Toledo. Toledo was not carrying a gun when the police shot Toledo in the incident on March 29 in Chicago. The Mayor said, “We couldn’t claim it.” The family lawyer spoke harshly: “Shooting an unarmed child with his hands in the air is an assassination.”

In Minnesota, USA, on April 11, the police shot and killed a 20-year-old black boy named Daunte Wright, which caused the great reaction. Then, as the protests continued, there was a development that increased the reactions. In Chicago, the country’s third-largest city, police shared footage of shooting a 13-year-old Latina boy. The boy named Adam Toledo was 13 years old. In recent years, he was one of the youngest children killed by police in the state of Illinois, where Chicago is affiliated.

The police and chief resigned, causing the death of Daunte Wright, a young black boy, in the United States.


Chicago shared footage captured by police officer Eric Stillman’s body camera. Toledo escapes from the police in the incident on 29 March. The police followed, “Stop! Stop! Put your hands up!” she yells. Toledo then turns with his hands in the air. Then the police officer shouts, “Drop him out of your hand”, fires his gun and shoots Toledo in the chest. All of this happens within 19 seconds of getting out of the police car and starting to pursue Toledo.

Although the prosecutor’s office cited Toledo’s armed gun, the boy did not have a gun at the time of the shooting. In different security camera recordings, it is seen that Toledo threw an object around when the police began to follow Toledo. According to body footage, after the police shot Toledo, the police find a gun.

The prosecution said Toledo was with the 21-year-old Ruben Roman that night. Roman shot at a passing car. The prosecutor’s office determined that the police had gone to the area because of the gunfire.