4 position buffer tube

4 position buffer tube is a system that contains buffer spring and buffer at the same time. It gives you room to mount the Buttstock. They are cylindrical. You can also use it to make weapons. You can use it in the weapon industry. Supports you in weapon making. It also provides the opportunity to work in a more practical way.

4 Position buffer tube

As you can understand from its name, it is a mechanism with a support function. 4 position buffer tube has a flexible and durable structure. It is a mechanism that you can place inside your weapon. If the buffer tube section of your gun is broken, you can easily replace it. Of course, you need to find a buffer tube suitable for the weapon structure. There may not be 4 positions for each weapon. Some work with 2 position buffer tubes. After knowing the structure of your weapon, you can place the appropriate mechanism with your own efforts.

It is an aluminum structure. You can color it to suit your weapon. You can customize its design. It has two different sizes you should know. The first of these is the Mil-spec standard. The second size is the commercial version. Their teeth are different from each other. They have different tooth diameters. The commercial one has a slightly larger thread diameter than the Mil-spec. It is important that you choose the size that suits your gun. You should choose a suitable size for him. It can cause major disruptions in the future. Therefore, if you do not have any experience, you can consult a specialist.

Can I mount Buffer Tube myself?

In fact, almost anyone can do this themselves. The 4 position buffer tube model may require a little more expertise. For this, you must first have knowledge. You should pay attention to safety and security. You can benefit from training videos or articles. If you have a fear, you can consult a specialist. Finesse is also required, as it can be a dangerous job. It may be more accurate to apply the assembly process in the opinion of someone with experience.

Where can I find a 4 position buffer tube?

You can get it from gun shops. There are also online stores that sell parts online. You can buy it after you determine which size is suitable for your weapon structure. The design is entirely up to you. Other positions are also available. If you know which type of buffer tube is suitable for your gun, you can place the order. If it’s something you don’t know, you can contact technical support or get help from the nearest gun shop.