Shock News! 10 people hanged in Mexico

Horrific images have emerged recently in Mexico. They hanged 10 people from a bridge in Mexico. Police noticed these 10 people on their way to the scene. Dead bodies hanging on the bridge scared even the police. The locals seemed very frightened by this event. Increasing murder cases in Mexico do not fall from the agenda of the media. The government also states that they are about to take measures for these murder cases. There have been more than 25,000 murders in Mexico this year. The police have not been able to solve all the cases yet. But Mexico is starting to get more and more dangerous.

10 people hanged in Mexico

In an unknown incident in Mexico, they hanged 10 people from the bridge. This has never been seen before. Police began investigating the victims of the incident. When the police went to the scene, they noticed the dead bodies hanging from the bridge. In this event, which even the police are afraid of, everything is still a secret. The police reported that all of the dead bodies were men. Then, the security forces did not give any information about the identity information of the victims. Everything about who killed these victims and why is still a mystery. The place where the incident took place is the state of Zacatecas. Zacatecas public security made statements about this event.

According to the statements of the Zacatecas Department of Public Safety, the place where the incident took place is the Cuauhtemoc region. In this region, 9 lifeless bodies were hanging from the guardrails of an overpass. Those who killed these victims hung them by their necks. In addition to 9 dead bodies, there was another dead body at the crime scene. The police discovered this victim later. The total number of victims is 10. About this incident, where 10 people were killed, the Zacatecas Public Security Department is keeping the identity of the victims. The news that they hanged 10 people in Mexico remains on the world agenda. Public security is also trying to follow a cautious method before the event becomes clear.

There may be a struggle between the cartels

Zacatecas local media said that 3 dead bodies were hanging on the bridge last Monday. So these are things that happen quite a bit in the Zacatecas area. The victims hanging on this bridge were severely beaten before killing them. The victims, who were covered in blood all over, were again all men. There are many cartel groups in the country. Control of the state of Zacatecas in Mexico is extremely important for the cartels. Because this region has strategic importance for the function of the drug trade. For the control of this state, the Jalisco Next Generation Cartel and Sinaloa are at war with each other. In this case, it seems to be due to the rivalry between the two cartel groups.

Murder cases are on the rise in Mexico. Zacatecas is one of the regions where the murders are most concentrated. Even last year, 1065 murders were committed in this region. In the first 7-8 months of this year, there are more than 800 murder cases. So far, the number of murder cases has exceeded 25,000 in Mexico. The news that they hanged 10 people in Mexico is only one of these events. Murders like this are actually quite common in the Zacatecas region. As a result of the struggle between the cartels, the number of victims is also increasing.